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ادفع الفرق وقسطها الحين!

فرن بلت ان كيتشين لاين 110 لتر غاز 90*60سم ايطالي KITCHEN LINE built-in KL90GM4F

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4,094 SAR 4,255 SAR
VAT Inclusive

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  • Gas oven 90 cm
  • Fan to distribute heat inside the oven
  • Heat insulating oven door glass
  • Easy to clean the internal parts
  • The possibility of removing the oven door and door glass
  • 4 jobs
  • timer
  • Gas or electric grill
  • baking tray + rack
  • Dual lighting inside the oven
  • grill holder
  • Oven burner safety valve
  • auto ignition
  • The oven door is equipped with a glass layer
  • Oven capacity 110 liters
  • Italian industry

4,094 SAR 4,255 SAR
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